Home Warranty/inspections

The Value in a Home Warranty Plan

Home warranty plans can be a great investment for a buyer, your biggest investment that you make, is your home. Sellers can feel a since of relief by providing the warranty

That gives the assurances the repairs will be completed it also can help sell your home.

Buyers are protected against potentially huge repair bills when a covered system or appliance fails in their home.

No matter how many breakdowns occur or how much it costs to fix or replace the covered item, you can feel comfortable knowing that in most cases, you’ll pay only a nominal service fee per trade call. Buyers or sellers may pay for the Home Warranty Plan.

Why Buyers Want Inspection

The number one reason a buyer needs to have inspections is to make sure the home is a good condition. Repairs can be very costly and numerous.

With more homes on the market today, buyer’s expectations are high and sellers are more eager to sell their home. Coupled with tougher credit requirements deals can be hard to come by.

As a prospective buyer, you will feel more confident about your home purchase.

You want an inspector that is well qualified, experienced and licensed by the state of Oregon that provides a full inspection report with color digital pictures and can answer all questions, fully bonded and licensed with E&O insurance.