Getting The Highest Price

Don’t you want the highest price that the market will allow for your home? The price you ask is an essential part of selling your home.  Seller’s Choice ® has the know how to calculate the very best asking price for your home.  You need to be careful not to overprice or underprice your home.  If your price is too high you won’t get any offers which will drag the sale time out.   Not only will your home take longer to sell, eventually you will have to lower the price. By overpricing you waste a lot of valuable time and energy.  If you set the price too low you will not get fair market value for your home. In reality you could potentially lose out on thousands of dollars.

The maximum your home will sell for is what it appraises for.   Lending institutions will not loan anyone money on a home that has been overpriced.  Seller’s Choice ® Realty has experienced realtors who know how to price your home correctly.  Even a cash buyer will not pay more than the value amount of the home.  The value amount is determined by the results of the appraisal.


There are a variety of techniques that we at Seller’s Choice ® use to market your home effectively. We understand each home requires different and unique marketing techniques. Before we start marketing your home we evaluate the condition of it.  We personally do a walk through to advise you the seller what changes you will need to make on the inside and outside of your home.  We do this to help you to get the highest selling price possible for it.  We will point out any areas of concern we see in your home.  Some changes will be more important and will pay off in helping you receive a higher value.  We advise you to make changes that are absolutely necessary, the least expensive to alter, and add the most value to your home.

First Impressions

First impressions usually determine if a home will sell or not. We will advise you on how to make the best first impression possible to sell your home. Some examples of simple changes that can make a good first impression are listed below.


  •  New paint
  • A new front door
  • Landscaping
  • Organization
  • Lighting

And much more

We at Seller’s Choice ® will implement Seller’s Choice ® Home Marketing Solutions to meet your marketing budget and needs.  We offer four different home selling plans; each plan has its own menu of services.

If your home is priced correctly, presented well, and marketed effectively, you will have a winning strategy which will bring you the highest value for your home.