Staging Your Home

First impressions really do make a difference. If you stage your home correctly it can increase the asking price and help you to sell it in a shorter period of time.

Keep in mind when showing your home that you want the buyer to feel like they want to live there.  If you use colors and layouts to fit your room and décor, you can create an environment that is warm and inviting.  

As a seller you need to find a realtor that has taken courses in staging.  Your realtors experience gives them firsthand knowledge on the best techniques and most economical and efficient ways to stage your home.  There is so much more than just cleanliness and organizing involved in staging.

 At Seller’s Choice ® we have the experience and skills to best help you in the staging process.  Remember experience makes a difference. Here are some examples to try.

First Impressions that make a difference

  • Invest a few hours cleaning
  • Check faucets and bulbs
  • Check the bathrooms
  • Think safety
  • Make room for space
  • Consider your closets
  • Create dream bedrooms
  • Open up windows in the daytime
  • Lighten up the night
  • How’s the aroma
  • Watch your pets
  • Keep down the volume
  • Relax be friendly
  • Don’t Apologize
  • Keep a low Profile
  • Get rid of stuff you don’t need
  • Refer to experience

 Presenting your home in a manner that shows the home has been well cared for will increase interest in your home.   A home that is organized, neat and clean will create a welcoming atmosphere.  The next step is to have your Seller’s Choice ® Realtor give you recommendations on your furniture layout, colors, and where to place pictures and decorations for each room.  Remember presentation is everything.