Digital Marketing

 The sole purpose of my system is to start conversations with interested buyers that I can meet in person and get excited about the possiblities of purchasing your property. I will take care of everything for you. You can trust that your property has the best marketing, utilizint the latest technology, and that you are being represented by a true professional.

What does this mean to you? It means a faster sales process. It means a higher sales price. It means a peace of mind.

Getting Started

The first part of my system is taking pictures of your property and creating a Presentation Tour, Listing Video, and Mobile Tour.

The Presentation Tour

The Presentation Tour will show your home in a professional, exciting way. It features large images that pan and zoom with background music. The tour includes a property guide that opens over the images and gives prospective buyers all the information they would need about your property and area. Once I have the tour put together, I want to get the most exposure possible for your property. I’m going to syndicate the Presentation Tour to major national websites.

Listing Video

The pictures are put together and turned into a Listing Video. I get much better search engine traffic by uploading this video file to the Internet. I will also upload the video to our company YouTube channel.

Mobile Tour

I will put this video on my smart phone and laptop so I can showcase your property on the spot! These days having your property accessible on smart phones is a necessity. I will create a mobile version of the Presentation Tour, called the Mobile Tour that is viewable on any internet capable smart phone. I even use QR codes on my marketing materials. Buyers can scan it with their smart phone and immediately view the mobile tour.

Social Media Integration

I will post your Presentation Tour and Listing Video on my Facebook wall every week. The links posted here work seamlessly on a computer or mobile device. I also use craigslist in my marketing program to receive even more exposure.

Generate Leads

Now that your listing is getting massive amounts of Internet exposure, my system generates leads from that exposure. The Presentation and Mobile Tours allow prospective buyers to submit their information to me, so I’m ready and available any time a potential buyer wants to learn about your property.


I will display a sign for a 24-hour information line in front of your property. Buyers will be able to call this line and listen to a recording with information about your property. They can also receive a text message with a link to the mobile version of the tour. Whenever a buyer calls this number, I will capture their information so I can contact them.

All the leads that I collect are catalogued in my system so that I can easily communicate important information to them such as property details and picture updates. My database of leads is constantly growing because I use this same system on each of my listings. When I hold an open house for your property, I'm going to email and text every lead in my database and announce the open house. The text will also include pictures and a link to the Presentation Tour.

Progress Updates

The final part of my communication system is updating you with my progress. Each week I will send you an email with statistics and graphs showing you the improvement we have made. It will show you how many hits your tour and video have had each week and month, how many people looked at the mobile tour and how many leads came in. I will make sure you are always informed.